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Hindu Puranas describe the evolution of the world in detail, in all the eighteen of them.

It is  a part of Grammar of Purana.

Purana means, very Old.

Australian Aborigine. jpegAustralian Aborigine.

All the Purans agree on this point;there is no difference in the description of the Evolution of the world, though there are minor differences in respect of some Legends.

The present world in which India is located is called the Jambu Dweepa and India was called Bharatha Varsha, in Bharatha Kanda.

There are seven more areas expressed.

These were called Milecha desa.

“The Australian continent holds some of the earliest archaeological evidence for the expansion of modern humans out of Africa, with initial occupation at least 40,000 y ago. It is commonly assumed that Australia remained largely isolated following initial colonization, but the genetic history of Australians has not been explored in detail to address this issue. Here…

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