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Fourteen Lokas or the Planes of Existence are described in Hinduim.

14 Patala-loka
13 Rasatala-loka
12 Mahatala-loka
11 Talatala-loka
10 Sutala-loka
09 Vitala-loka
08 Atala-loka
07 Bhur-loka
06 Bhuvar-loka
05 Svar-loka
04 Mahar-loka
03 Jana-loka
02 Tapa-loka
01 Satya-loka

There are two interpretations of the Lokas.

One is that these are The Stages of mental development in a Spiritual Journey.

Another is that these are Planes of Existence at other  levels, complying with Laws that are unique to them, Including the Laws of Physics.

The Cyclic Universe an Artist's Conception. jpg. Artist concept of the cyclic universe.

They exist as our earth exists in Time and Space, where the Space Time concepts are different from ours.

It may be noted that the day of the Devas is equivalent to 100 Earth Years.

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