Hinduism Seven Higher Lokas Existence Explained

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Hinduism describes fourteen Lokas or places  where there is Existence.

I have not used the term Human.

The descriptions are of beings;  in terms of Color, Shape, their behaviors, they  are different.

One view is that they are descriptions indicating Spiritual Development.

For example, Chandra Loka denotes mental acumen and development of Buddhi unhindered by Mans, the Mind.

Chandra indicates the Mind.

Suyra, Sun represents knowledge.

Budha , Mercury Wisdom.

Bruhaspati, Jupiter, Discerning ability.

Angaaraka, Volatile temper,

Sukra , venus, material enjoyment,

Sani, Saturn, mental toughness,

Raahhu, a shadow planet, represents,aggressive behavior, to be tempered by Wisdom by Kethu another Shadow planet by Philosophical Disposition.

Kethu, Philosophical Disposition.

However there is another view, which states that these are places inhabited by Beings.

I subscribe to the view that these Planets do not indicate dwelling Places, but only  mental stages as a careful study of the Vedas reveal .

The Veda…

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