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People have been talking of the Rig Veda as 5000 years old.

This is outdated.

I have posted an article that Hinduism has been dated 50,000 years back.

Now even this is way off the mark.

New evidence suggests that Hinduism existed in Indonesia 74,000 ago and it is safe to assume that Hinduism antedates this period.

Earlier to this finding a city older that Mohenjo-Daro has been found.

Mapping of Stone Artifacts,Stool age tools.Imge.jpg Mapping of Stone Artifacts,Stool age tools.

Volcano India.jpg Volcano India.

About 76,000 years ago, the volcano Toba – located in what is now Indonesia – erupted to create the largest and most devastating volcanic event of the past 2 million years. Almost 3,000 cubic kilometers of magma was spewed out, while sulfuric acid rained over the earth as far away as Greenland. The world became subject to a volcanic winter, and what followed was one of the most severe ice ages…

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