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My research into Sanatana Dharma having spread through out the world has come to a sort of shape.

Studies on Vedas, Puranas ,Ithihasas and Tamil literature has given me a fair idea.

Cross checking this information with the  geographical information with the Legends and the Physical locations of the world provide some interesting information.

I have written auite a few articles on the evidence of Sanatana Dharma being present throughout the world, with the help of archeological findings, culture and linguistics.

Sanatana Dharma was in practice in Sri Lanka,Malaysia, Cambodia,Vietnam, Laos, Philippines,Japan,Fiji,China, New Zealand, Australia on the eastern side of the present India,

Middle East, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy,Spain,France, Britain,

African Continent,

South America, Central America,Mexico and North America(US).

This Sanatana Dharma had Dravida or South India conncetion.

This becomes evident when one reads Sanskrit Literature and Hindu religious texts in conjunction with Tamil literature and cross referencing the events found…

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