Saraswati Is Benzaiten Japanese God Of Eloquence

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Yet another evidence that Sanatana Dharma existed throughout the world , later carried to various parts,modified to suit the local customs.

That those customs were also similar to those followed by Sanatana Dharma.

Goddess Saraswati.jpg Saraswati,Goddess of Learning in Hinduism

Benzaiten (, ) istheJapanesenameofthegoddessSaraswati; therewasanimportantriverinancientIndiaofthisname (seeVedicSaraswatiRiver). WorshipofBenzaitenarrivedinJapanduringthe6ththrough8thcenturies, mainlyviatheChinesetranslationsoftheSutraofGoldenLight“, whichhasasectiondevotedtoher. SheisalsomentionedintheLotusSutra.

HerSanskritnameisSarasvatîDevî“, whichmeansflowingwater“, andsoBenzaitenisthegoddessofeverythingthatflows:water, words (andknowledge, byextension), speech, eloquence, and

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