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Now It has become an accepted fact among the people, especially the pseudo scientific interpreters of Hinduism and The Vedas that the Shiva Linga is the representation of Lord Shiva’s , Phallus,Penis.

I have been hearing this ad nausea and I have decided to post an article when recently I found an Archaka (Temple Priest) of a Shiva said this to this effect


Linga in Sanskrit means , Mark’ ‘Sign’  ”to indicate’

In Sanskrit Grammar we have Lingas relating to gender Identification of words.

Linga- Masculine Gender.

Many books written by Hindus also state that the Shiv Linga is Shiva’s Phallus.

One website that Lord Shiva threw His Penis to become a Nari or Women to satisfy women!

It states blatantly asserts Shiva in Sanskrit means Penis!( this is not by a Foreigner)

“. Siva Linga has been worshipped in Hinduism since ages for physical desires specially for…

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