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The Rama Sethu , Adams Bridge in India was called  by the Lankans as ‘Aadhaam Bridge’ because their first Islamic leader traveled over this bridge by foot from India and thus this bridge has a holy connotation for them.

But westerners saw the affinity of the Name to Adam and renamed it as Adams Bridge.

But the name given by Rama to this Bridge is Nala Bridge.

Nala was a vanara of Sugreeva’s army and he was the one who designed it.

(I recall Kaunanidhi asking whether Rama was an Engineer, where he took His degree and was He an Engineer?

Yellow Shawl !

This is the answer.)

Adams Bridge.jpg Rama Sethu, Image by NASA

“The Ramayana narrates that Sita – the wife of Rama, prince of Ayodhya and avatar of the god Vishnu- was kidnapped by Ravana, the rakshasa (demon) king of Lanka. Rama aided by an army of vanaras (monkeys) reached…

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