The Muslim Issue

Swastikas is a very common symbol of vandalism that Arabs and Muslims use against each other (as worn-out as the raised shoe in insult, or “I’ll fuck your mother” Islamic slur that is notorious in the Middle East). Muslims have no understanding how sensitive the use of these symbols would be for a Westerner. The media is completely bonkers if they don’t understand the notorious staged hate crimes Muslims constantly commit, while trying to pin the blame on anti-fascist protesters who are merely middle class parents with children.

In a recent Swedish documentary [SVT Uppdrag Granskning] about Islamophobia (!) translated to us by a reader, the interviews in the program revealed that mosque attacks were made by Muslims themselves. In the few cases they were real, they were committed by other Arab minorities against Sunni majorities with a history of centuries of persecution and massacres of their people…

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