The Muslim Issue

He was Moroccan not Spanish. What do you expect when you give jobs to Muslims within the army, police, immigration, politics? Its a security disaster.



Spanish ex-soldier led jihadist terror cell

Published: 20 Feb 2015

A Moroccan court sentenced a former Spanish soldier to eight years in jail Friday for heading a cell that planned to carry out “terrorist acts” in the north African kingdom, the MAP news agency reported.

Another 17 members of the group, broken up in January 2014, were jailed for between three and 10 years in connection with their activities, mostly in the north of the country.

The soldier had served in Melilla, one of two Spanish enclaves on Morocco’s Mediterranean coast. Moroccan authorities said that after leaving the army, he joined Al-Qaeda and fought in Afghanistan.

All 18 were charged with forming a criminal group for the purpose of carrying out acts…

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