The Muslim Issue

  • Unmanned aircraft were seen flying over tourist hotspots in French capital 
  • Appeared in ‘at least’ five locations in the city between midnight and 6am 
  • Security officials were unable to catch the operators of the drone aircraft 
  • Civilian drones are thought a serious security risk and are banned in Paris 
  • They are used to access security levels of a target before a terror attack 

Paris is on alert for a new terror attack after ‘at least’ five drones were spotted illegally flying around city landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, Bastille Square and the U.S. embassy building.

Unmanned aircraft were also spotted flying overnight near the French capital’s Place de la Concorde and the Invalides military museum, where Napoleon Bonaparte is buried.

French security sources where unable to catch the operators of the drones, which are typically fitted with video…

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