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Afghan woman beaten to death in the streets was murdered because she dared to speak out against superstitious mullah and NOT because she burned the Koran

  • Farkhunda, 27, was savagely murdered by a rampaging mob last Thursday 
  • It was initially claimed she had burned a copy of the Koran, inciting fury
  • But witnesses have now said she was actually killed for criticising a cleric
  • Farkhunda said mullah was encouraging women to waste money on worthless charms and amulets at a local shrine
  • During the argument she was accused of burning Islam’s religious texts
  • But investigators say there is no evidence she has ever burned the Koran
  • 18 people have been detained and 13 police suspended over the incident

An Afghan woman who was savagely beaten to death in the streets of Kabul was murdered because she spoke out against a controversial local cleric, witnesses have claimed.

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