The Muslim Issue

Insane left wingers! Stop serving them blankets and tea on arrival, and instead shoot intruders who trespass waterborders, and they will stop coming. And who are these asylum sekers and refugees? They are Muslims. The raw fact is African Muslims are the most violent and problematic of all immigrants and the least to ever integrate, educate themselves and enter into the work force. They come from a huge continent with a booming economy and can easily relocate to another part of Africa. There are plenty of parts of Africa they can live safely in. No need whatsoever to bring even one of them into the West.



Italian coastguard rescues an astonishing 1,500 African migrants adrift on Mediterranean in less than 24 hours

  • Some 1,500 migrants were rescued by coast guards in 24 hours
  • The migrants were picked up from five boats in the Mediterranean 
  • Arrivals are up 43…

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