The Muslim Issue

Up to 100 Islamist teachers could be banned from schools after investigation into their links with Trojan Horse scandal found dozens claiming Lee Rigby’s murder was a hoax

  • Teaching watchdog investigating some 100 staff with links to the scandal
  • In some Birmingham schools, Islamic views forced on staff and pupils 
  • Alleged al-Qaeda style video with masked gunmen copied in a classroom
  • Also claimed teachers punished children by making them kneel on tiles 
  • Staff members also alleged sent offensive messages in a WhatsApp group 
  • Messages claimed murder of Lee Rigby and Boston bombings were a hoax

Up to 100 Islamic teachers could be banned from working in schools for life following an investigation into their alleged links to the Trojan Horse scandal.

It is understood a teaching watchdog is working on possible disciplinary cases against current and former…

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