The Distances to the Planets -Higher Realms


In Srimad Bhagavatam 5th Canto Chapter 23 translated by AC Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada

The Distances to the Planets -Higher Realms

Vedic Cosmology Decoding the 5th Canto of Srimad Bhagavatam's photo. For Janaloka we add 160,000,000 miles to Maharloka which gives us 271,224,902 and divide by 952,530,892.3 = .284741318

Then multiply by Venus at it’s lowest circumference, which is 9,202,104,012 and divide by ((4,000,000,000 X Pi) / 360) This tells us that Janaloka is at 75.06375149 degrees

For Tapoloka we add 640,000,000 miles to Janaloka and divide by 952,530,892.3 = .956635537

Now multiply by circumference for constellations which is 2,389,453,778 = 2,285,836,398

Now divide by universe divided by 360 or
(4,000,000,000 X Pi ) / 360 ) = 65.48438913 which means Tapoloka is at 65 degrees

When we say that now we know what is the degree we can know circumference by multiplying the circumference of the universe by cos (75.06375149 or by cos (65.48438913 respectively for Janaloka and Tapoloka…

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Muslim on Muslim massacres: Hundreds of dead bodies line the street in ancient city Palmyra and 400 women and children slaughtered

Caucasians Whites From Dravidian World Races From India Study

Ramani's blog

The effort of the Caucasians ,the Whites to portray themselves as the ancient people of the world is pathetic and amusing.

The Khyber Pass.jpg The Khyber Pass.

‘The falsity of White history begins and ends with their desire to hide their true nature; that being that they are derived from Albinos. Their efforts to make all peoples of historical significance White, would appear to be their effort to make themselves the “New Normal” i. e. “See everybody important was White, therefore White is good – the best even!” This fabricated concept of themselves, is obviously so satisfying, and so ingrained, that it has become delusional. Even today, there are many Whites who refuse to believe that the ancient Egyptians, and the other original civilizations as well, were Black people! This in spite of the countless evidences to the contrary: Egypt IS in Africa, there are countless statues and paintings which clearly show them…

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Separatist Funding: The complete modus operandi – Vicky Nanjappa

Bharata Bharati

Vicky Nanjappa“The investigations also revealed that at least 90 persons from different parts of the world were involved in funding terrorists in the Valley. Investigations would reveal that between the years 2009 and 2011 an amount of Rs 12 million had been recovered. In addition to this fake currency and also euros were recovered from the agents who were funding terrorists. In the year 2011 some agents had also brought in Saudi Arabian riyals worth 74,000 into the Valley.” – Vicky Nanjappa

HSBC Terror FundingThe more one looks into the trouble at Jammu and Kashmir, it becomes extremely clear that it is the funding that these separatists get which is the bulk of the problem. Separatists normally try to divert attention of the public by raising unwanted issues such as the Armed Forces Special Protection Act and pro Pakistan issues.

The fact of the matter is that funding terrorists and separatists in Jammu and…

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Rahul 2.0 needs a reality check – Virendra Kapoor

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Rahul Gandhi

Virendra Kapoor“Land in Palwal was transferred in the names of Vadra, Rahul and even Priyanka in spite of the clear stipulation that only Dalits can own that land. Originally the land in question was given to members of the Dalit community sometime in the mid-50s, with the specific condition that it can be transferred, if at all, only to fellow Dalits. How Vadra and Gandhi came to own it is in itself a scandal.” – Virendra Kapoor

Rahul GandhiWisdom is missing

Now that he seems to have discovered his tongue, many wonder if he has also found wisdom. For it is not absolutely necessary that one should come with the other. Indeed, some of the most garrulous and word-smart people still can be quite dim actually. Here in the case of Rahul Gandhi 2.0, you are not exactly sure as to whose words he has taken to regurgitating in the Lok Sabha and…

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Millennium-old Hindu temple of Pala dynasty unearthed in Bangladesh.

Forefathers of All human beings are HINDUS, until bad boys of Abraham – Christ ~2000 years ago then his brother Mohammed started terrorism and conversion.

Struggle for Hindu Existence

1,100-year-old Hindu Temple of Pala Dynasty Discovered in Dinajpur, Bangladesh

The relics of an 1100-year-old Hindu temple at Maherpur village in Bochaganj upazila, Dinajpur. A team of archaeologists from Jahangirnagar University is now excavating the site. Photo: Kangkan Karmakar - Daily Star, Dhaka.The relics of an 1100-year-old Hindu temple at Maherpur village in Bochaganj upazila, Dinajpur. A team of archaeologists from Jahangirnagar University is now excavating the site. Photo: Kangkan Karmakar – Daily Star, Dhaka.

HENB | Dhaka | may 16, 2015:: The Archaeologists and a team of Jahangirnagar University have unearthed an Hindu temple believed to be over 1,100 years old at Bochaganj upazila of Dinajpur in northwestern Bangladesh.

”This is a small temple and was built sometime between the 8th and 9th centuries during the Pala dynasty,” said Prof Swadhin Sen, leader of a Jahangirnagar University team digging out the temple in Maherpur village.

Khademul Nabi Badal, Chairman of Chhatoil union, said the land under which the “historic archaeological beauty” was found, was recently leased to a local for farming.

While cleaning bushes for farming purpose, villagers suddenly noticed some ancient-looking…

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