The Muslim Issue


You think you would be safe walking through that area at night? Think again. Calais, Lampedusa, Ceuta and Melilla have turned into total crime ghettos where people have lost their safety, the value of their homes and land, their everything. All due to EU complacency. After all, the left-wing Eurocrats don’t have to put up with anything. They get exaggerated high salaries, chauffeur driven cars, generous bonus packages, pay no tax, and are provided security should they need to. The concerns of the rest of society is not even real to them.

This is ridiculous. The French are a pest. They are a constant problem bringing in more and more Muslim immigrants. Who will provide security against all the rape, the assaults, the riots, the arsons, the threats, the terrorism? Africa is a HUGE continent, larger than all of Europe combined. It is also a booming economy with massive Chinese…

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