Cartoons of the day – from Pakistan

The Muslim Issue

Which of the cartoons from Pakistan is your favorite?

While the media in the West and it’s ridiculous leaders deny the association between Islam and terrorism, Muslims know exactly where, what and how terrorism is created and matured. They all know. You just can’t say it out loud. The majority would never admit it although they know.

They can’t admit it because any criticism against Islam and the prophet is illegal. They are also fearful to critizise Mohammed and his book, in case they get cursed by black magic, possessed by Jinns or go to hell [no joke1]. This is the exact fear that caused people in the middle ages to be cautious to eliminiate Islam in the first place. Plus, accurately accusing Islam for creating terrorism  would indicate that their prophet was both wrong and evil. And if their prophet is wrong and evil – the entire Islamic faith…

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