San Jose cops arrest Muslim serial predator trying to rape 13-year old child

The Muslim Issue

We KNEW it when the news first got published with the annoying pixelated images! We were just waiting for the name and details to come to the surface.

After all, she was just a “whore” and a property for men to use and absue as they please, and as a Muslim male he is entitled to do whatever he likes with her. She is at fault because she “tempted” him and he only abides by the laws of the Quran as laid out by prophet Mohammed, not by American laws, and his laws says he is entitled to molest or rape her. He’ll laugh in court. There will be no sign of remorse.

The Obama administration should be charged for complicity to rape for bringing him and another 100,000+ per year into the country.



‘Heinous predator’ arrested after forcing his way into 13-year-old’s home to rape her: Child…

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