UK: Reverend at Girls High School banned for telling pupils that Islamic students ‘worship the devil’

The Muslim Issue

How can he be banned for merely speaking the truth? Every world leader would say the same just 3-4 decades ago, and certainly for the past 1,000 years. Surely by now almost 80% of the country would agree with him. They’ve seen it with their own eyes.



BNP teacher banned for Muslim jibe: Self-styled cleric told pupils that Islamic students ‘worship the devil’  

  • Reverend Robert West taught at Walton Girls High School in Grantham 
  • Former BNP candidate told a class of girls that he was ‘allergic’ to Muslims
  • He also told another class at the girls’ school ‘Muslims worship the devil’ 
  • West is expected to be banned from teaching by Department for Education 

A teacher who told a class of teenage girls that he was ‘allergic’ to Muslims and they ‘worshipped the devil’ will be banned from the…

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