The Muslim Issue

How can he be banned for merely speaking the truth? Every world leader would say the same just 3-4 decades ago, and certainly for the past 1,000 years. Surely by now almost 80% of the country would agree with him. They’ve seen it with their own eyes.



BNP teacher banned for Muslim jibe: Self-styled cleric told pupils that Islamic students ‘worship the devil’  

  • Reverend Robert West taught at Walton Girls High School in Grantham 
  • Former BNP candidate told a class of girls that he was ‘allergic’ to Muslims
  • He also told another class at the girls’ school ‘Muslims worship the devil’ 
  • West is expected to be banned from teaching by Department for Education 

A teacher who told a class of teenage girls that he was ‘allergic’ to Muslims and they ‘worshipped the devil’ will be banned from the…

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