Goosebumps! Love story of a Fearless Warrior & Intense Lover. Peshwa-Maratha History unveiled on big screen (see Trailer & Pictures below)…

  • Beloved great warrior King has to prove his ‘Love’ to people?

  • Should married King be allowed to Love a Mistress/Dancer?

  • Who will be accepted as next Heir, legitimate Queen’s son or Dancer’s son?

  • King should choose his Heir using Mind (Duties) or Heart (Emotions)??

Watch true story of 18th century great Hindu Maratha warrior – Bajirao Peshwa, his Love life with Muslim mistress Mastani and glorious Maratha history in upcoming movie BajiRao-Mastani releasing on 18th Dec 2015.

About Historical Characters:

Brave warrior Bajirao Peshwa (played by actor Ranveer Singh) was a great Hindu Maratha warrior of Maratha Empire based in Pune, Maharashtra State. He had wife named Kashibai (played by actor Priyanka Chopra) but later falls in Love to a Muslim Mistress/Dancer – Mastani (played by…

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