Kaaba, a Hindu Temple, Stolen by Muslims


Let us start with rituals practiced by  Hindus, Jainese, Buddhists, even Sikhs practice most of these rituals:

  • Respecting Idol
  • Paying obeisance to the structure around Idol
  • Circumambulating around the structure where Idol is located (walking around it)
  • Placing the image or painting of the structure above ground at home or office – giving it due respect.
  • Gifting such paintings to friends
  • Taking bath or washing hands, legs before Idol worshiping
  • Donning clean, white cloth before praying
  • Shaving head to bow in front of God with clean mind and head – thoughtless and pious.
  • Chanting mantras as they move around the structure

Hindu practice of idol worship by muslims. Muslims are kafirs too.

And who else follow this practice…who else but death cult islam followers; Muslims oblige to such rituals…yes do n’t be surprised, even mlecchas (muslims) practice above Vedic rituals on their so called holy pilgrimage – which never originally belonged to them. We can…

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