The Muslim Issue

Throughout Europe the entire racket of human slavery, prostitution, drug smuggling, illegal gun sales, ID and immigration forgery tend to be dominated and run by Muslim gangs followed by Eastern European gangs and Russian gangs. The entire illegal ivory trade in Africa and mass slaughter of endangered animals have now been revealed to be connected to Muslim terrorism, raising funds for keeping the world hostage in the grip of their Mohammedan terror.

When this problem is so overwhelming from specific groups why would any government be insane to allow the people entry into a country? Europe, the most safest haven on earth has turned into the most criminal county in the Western world from mass immigration from criminalized societies and nations.


Checkmate! International drug smuggler caught when he tried to import more than £500,000 of pure heroin into Britain hidden inside chess boards

  • Syed Naveed Shabir, 31, shipped the…

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