UK: Muslim prisoners ran £30mil drug-smuggling operation – using laptops given by the government

The Muslim Issue

Drug-smuggling gang ran £30million operation from their cells in Wandsworth prison – using laptops given to them by the government

  • Elaborate ploy even involved a man deliberately getting sent to prison
  • He was the fixer, who helped orchestrate movement of heroin from Asia
  • Computer hacker used smuggled USB stick to penetrate jail’s laptops
  • From there they connected to the internet and organised entire operation, including delivery and dealing of £30m worth of illegal drugs  

A gang of drug dealers hacked into prison laptops to run their £30million empire from behind bars.

The inmates involved in the ring – led by British Asians – were all serving time in the country’s biggest jail, HMP Wandsworth, when they infiltrated locked computers provided by the Ministry of Justice to allow lags access to legal guidance and solicitors.

They went to the…

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