Wormhole in Ramayana -Transportation System across Space and Time


Does wormholes exist.Let us find out in Ancient Indian books because modern science do not have evidence.
Ancient Indian epic poem ‘Ramayana‘ has described a worm hole.
A wormhole is much like a tunnel with two ends each in separate points in spacetime.

Wormhole in Ramayana

In Kishkinda Kanda (Sarga 50-52) of Ramayana, sage Valmiki describes where Hanuman, Angada and other Vanaras went to  Mount Vindhya to find Seetha and return to their kingdom without success.But look at what they found-was a  wide-opened and impassable cavity known as Riksha cavity which is well guarded by a demon called Maya.While searching for Mithila, Mother Sita, they got tired and  craving for water, which led them to capacious cavity which is enwrapped in climbers and trees. There they have seen the swans and the waterfowls like Kraunca, Saarasa, and even Cakravaka waterfowls exiting from the cavity with their bodies drenched in water…

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