It is this,It is this,It is this-It is this Nation which had spread knowledge to all over the World.

“We have a right to more than suspect that India,eight thousand years ago,sent a colony of emigrants who carried their Arts and High civilization into what is now called to us as Egypt”….This is what Bengsch bay,the modern as well as the most trusted Egyptologer and Antiquarian says on the origin of  the old Egyptians.Regarding these as a branch of the caucasian family having a close affinity with the Indo-Germanic races, he insists that they migrated from India before historic memory,and crossed the bridge of nations,the Isthus of suez,to find a new fartherland on the banks of the Nile.

The Egyptians came according to their own records,from a mysterious Island on the shore of the India ocean,the sacred punt,the original home of their Gods….who followed thence after their people who had…

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