Śrī Deva-ṛishi Nāraḍāshṭaka

Tendrils Of Devotion

Śrī Deva-ṛishi Nāraḍāshṭaka

Reverend Octet for Nāraḍa the Seër-Saint of the Gods



Namaskaram to Nārada, the muni most unique,

The genius seër-saint who playeth lute & khartals clapper;

The muni without mauna, for his specialty’s to speak,

 With sneaky flattery & queries, he’s proud fools’ entrapper.


His Brahmin topknot’s wreathed with jasmine flowers angel-fragrant;

Upon his chest rest garlands & his pleasant twinging lute.

He flieth through the three worlds as a trickster sacred vagrant,

His honeyed words stick men & gods & demons in dispute.


Namaskaram to Nārada, the master of his senses,

Whose mystic power’s strong from epochs spent as brahmachāri;

The Gurudev to Druva & Prahlāda, outcast princes;

Hail, Nārada, devotee nearest, dearest to Śrī Hari!


He’s always clapping cymbals to his chant: ‘Nārāyaṇa!

He quickly mastered lute when taught by Mother Śāradā;

He told Valmiki tale…

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